Invitations for Girls

We focus on bring you the best birthday invitations for your children. It does not matter if you will be celebrating their first birthday or their tenth, you’ve come to expect high quality invitations and that is exactly what we offer.

When you order an invitation for your child’s birthday you want to be certain that it will look great when it is printed. And a princess always looks incredible.

First  Princess Gold PinkFirst Princess Gold Pink
Moana | OceaniaMoana | Oceania
Disney Princess |Disney Princess |
Disney Princess |Disney Princess |
Princess  Pink & GoldPrincess Pink & Gold
First  Princess Gold PinkFirst Princess Gold Pink
Birthday Party | First Birthday PrincessBirthday Party | First Birthday Princess
Princess Quinceanera 15th Birthday Blue SilverPrincess Quinceanera 15th Birthday Blue Silver

But getting the right invitation for your birthday celebration can be a challenge. That’s why we have grouped the invites together by year so you can find the right invitation for daddy’s little princess.

A Princess is Born

I came to an interesting idea today and I wanted to share that with you. One of the hardest/easiest birthday’s to plan for is your princess’ first birthday. These are usually limited to the family and so the setting is more of a traditional get together type of party. Still, there are relatively few options when it comes to first birthday variety. And that is where baby showers come in to play.

Now I know what you might be thinking, “baby shower?” But the truth is the difference is not that big. One of the nice things about using a baby shower for the invitation is that many of the options you will find give you different customization options that fit well with birthdays. At that age the difference is not that different either, just as long as you can replace the parts of the invitation that relate to the baby shower you will be fine. I found a number of these little princess options to be really cute, and I think that are the right baby shower invitations for girls.

When it comes to celebrating the birthday the first year you have a lot to be thankful for. Your little blessing is now a year old and everyone if your family will most likely want to celebrate. We have a number of options for your baby girl, and you can find other fun invitations that will give you all the selection that you’ll need.

Princess Baby Showers

Can I really celebrate a princess birthday for my daughter when she is only a year old? Of course you can. While the theme is not very common in the birthday scene there are plenty of different options when it comes to baby showers.

Just use the same method as I shared with you before and adapt it to fit the ideas you have for what makes a perfect party.

I have seen plenty of invitations for baby showers with the princess decoration that you would want to use.

Granted, a baby shower is a much more complicated type of party when you compare it to the first birthday, but it is an easy fix to shape the perfect invitation. Much of the text that appears on a baby shower invitation can be removed. You will also probably want to ship the formal language that is used on baby shower cards.

While this can be appropriate for older children, when you host a party for a baby you don’t need to go through all of the formalities that, for example, you will need to for the sweet sixteen birthday.

If the idea of using a girl’s baby shower invitation sounds appealing then let us know. We love to know when you have found the site useful. If you would like to have us focus more on 1st birthdays so that you don’t have to modify invitations for other parties like baby showers let us know that to.

More Invitation Selection

One of the major reasons why there few princess invitations for the first year is that many parents tend to focus on smaller, more intimate parties. Baby showers are large events, more than a hundred guests can come together to celebrate the arrival of a baby, the 1st birthday is smaller. Because of the limited interest for such invitations we keep a smaller assortment of options available.

Cinderella Pink Once Upon a Time PrincessCinderella Pink Once Upon a Time Princess
Princess Quinceanera 15th Birthday Pink PeachPrincess Quinceanera 15th Birthday Pink Peach
Cinderella PrincessCinderella Princess
Once Upon a Time Princess 1stOnce Upon a Time Princess 1st
Pink Silver Quinceanera Princess Birthday PartyPink Silver Quinceanera Princess Birthday Party
Cinderella Once Upon a Time PrincessCinderella Once Upon a Time Princess
Elena of Avalor |Elena of Avalor |
Ariel | Under the Sea AdventureAriel | Under the Sea Adventure

If you would, however, enjoy seeing more selection in this direction we would be more than happy to oblige your request. The majority of birthday parties that are held for larger groups of children begin at around kindergarten age, where your princess starts to acquire a small circle of friends. As here social butterfly wings open and she expands her circle of friends you will need to find the right invitations for her birthday parties.

This is around ten years of age, which is why we a large collection of invitations in this range.

Still it does not matter what age you are, you are never too young, or too old to feel like a princess. While it might surprise you, there are plenty of requests for princess invitations that will fit thirty somethings and beyond.

Once a Princess, Always a Princess

Introducing princess birthday invitations for adults!

The main focus of the site is on princess invitations, this is usually popular among pre-teens through until the sweet sixteen.

There are of course cases where we have been approached by clients wishing to celebrate other milestone birthdays. Anything from the 21st to the 65th, if you are a princess now, you’ll always be a princess!

The Princess Tradition

Do you need to be royalty to be a princess? Of course not!

Being a princess means that you are love unconditionally by somebody, or somebodies, there are not any requirements that place stipulation on your princess status.

The tradition of celebrating a princess birthday began in the 1950s when more and more emphasis was placed on taking care of the children. This meant more thematic styles of celebrations, and in fact they actually had the dresses back then for the almost bawl like parties that they threw. If you have access to cook books from that time you will see how much fun they prepared for the princess birthday parties.

While some of the tradition has since been replaced with a more modern setting, the idea is the same, to celebrate your daughter’s birthday in grand style.

Don’t worry about going overboard, there is little chance that that will happen, a princess can never be too pampered!

So what do you need to do?

Throwing a Princess Party

Now you might wonder what you need for a princess style of party, and the truth is not a lot. We have given you plenty of choices to help you find the right invitations, but of course there is more to it than that.

Pink, the Only Color That Matters

What do you need to do to decorate for the party? There is not much that you can do wrong here, as long as you follow the golden rule of princess parties. And that is, the color of the decoration, and we are sure you know which one we are talking about. That’s right. Pink!

As long as you use this as your primary color you can not go, too wrong. Of course if you are not the type of pink, or your daughter is not you can always choose a softer shade of pink. Just as long as the colors tilts in that direction you will be alright. And if you are really pink adverse you can choose another color that fits and highlight it with a little pink accent. That small detail will make a big difference to help you set the tone.

Fluffy Decorations

When it comes to the style of decorations you may choose you are a lot freer than with the color.

One of the most popular style of decoration for the princess are the fun and frilly type. You know what we are talking about, the ones that look like cute puffy clouds of paper. It makes for a cute touch that helps shape the softer nature of a princess birthday party.

You can find plenty of examples of this at the different party outlets in your community, or you can order them online. I would suggest you look for them on Shindigz since they always have a nice assortments of options with plenty of specials and discounts to help you save money.

Food & Drink

What party would be complete without some fitting food and drinks for the guests? A princess birthday is not any different. You only need to give it the royal touch. No, we’re not talking about caviar and other delicacies, not unless you are rich or willing to take out a loan, in whichever case you can invite, me too!

In all seriousness, there are not a lot of differences when it comes to planning food for this or another type of birthday. You can however help sell the effect of the whole princess theme by choosing girlie plates and other cups and utensils for the guests to use.

There is one caveat when it comes to the food, though, and while you might see this coming I will make a point in adding it.

The Cake

When go about picking out a cake, DQ, that’s Dairy Queen, has a lot of nice choices to help you shape the whole princess look. Of course you might have another baker in mind. And if you are not sure if they will be able to get it right, make sure that you talk with them. Show them reference of what you have in mind. A party like this is easy to plan. And you have a lot of different ways to style it.

The reason for this is because it is an extremely popular style of birthday, and there is a little bit of princess in us all.